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  • AnesthesiaExam PodcastOnderwijs, Gezondheid en fitness 17 apr

    David Rosenblum, MD, creator of ABAStageExam.com for the Basic and Applied Exams in Anesthesiology, AnesthesiaExam and the Pediatric Anesthesia Board review (PedsAE.com) discusses Anesthesiology Board Review and Practice Management.
    Dr. Rosenblum has also published a children's book:
    Welwyn Ardsley and the Cosmic Ninjas: Preparing your child and yourself for anesthesia and surgery
    Available at Amazon.com and www.MyKidsSurgery.com

  • Exam Study Expert: ace your exams with the science of learningOnderwijs, Kind en gezin, Cursussen, Onderwijs voor kinderen 26 mei

    Don’t work harder, work smarter: how to study effectively and get the grades of your dreams with winning review strategies, killer memory techniques and exam preparation tips you won’t hear anywhere else. Join Cambridge educated psychologist, study techniques researcher, coach and tutor William Wadsworth as we dive into the secrets of academic success.Looking for the grades of your dreams? Want to know the real secrets to preparing for and taking exams? Through a powerful combination of rich personal experience and the very latest learning and memory science, William and his expert guests are here to help. Here's to results day smiles!

  • Spanglish Med Reviews for USMLE ExamsOnderwijs, Cursussen 17 nov 2022

    Rapid Reviews de temas high yield frecuentemente preguntados en los exámenes de USMLE. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/grisselle-del-valle/support

  • In this show, Nurse Mo breaks down a wide range of nursing school concepts so they’re easy to understand. Each episode aims to help nursing students improve their study techniques, pass nursing school exams, and feel more confident in clinical. If you’re nervous about nursing school, not “getting it” in lecture, or feeling overwhelmed with all the information you have to learn, this podcast will help you optimize your study time so you can learn more with less stress.
    While nursing school is challenging, it doesn’t have to be impossible. When concepts are explained in a way that “just makes sense”, nursing students have better recall on exams, feel more confident working with patients in clinical, and are better prepared for NCLEX.
    Nurse Mo understands the struggles nursing students face and draws on more than 11 years of clinical experience to make nursing school less intimidating. Each episode removes the “fluff” and focuses on the key things a nursing student (and nurse) needs to know about a variety of disease conditions. The show also provides tips for succeeding in nursing school, guidance for students and new nurses, and insider information to help you excel at the bedside.

  • ATPL AssistOnderwijs, Cursussen 18 apr

    Studying for your ATPL exams? Looking to maximise your time learning the content? Well look no further, hit play and dive in to some light hearted ATPL exam revision on the go with ATPL student pilot and qualified science teacher Sam Piri .

    Mapped to the new ATPL CAA scheme Sam, a highy trained human anatomist former qualified teacher and trainer of NHS medical professionals and now turned Pilot will walk you through the principles of each subject in this series of podcasts. We break down the content and help you reinforce it, as well as offering top tips for the CAA exams. TEST YOURSELF with recorded poser questions in every episode, formulate answers to based on what's been covered then replay the podcast to determine if you've got it correct!

    Be economical with your learning, gain another perspective or simply use us as background noise, never waste a learning minute with ATPL assist available on demand!

    Listen & learn with us!

  • Self Learners By ManiramakrishnaOnderwijs 1 jan

    General Knowledge for the competitive exams and self motivation

  • The WERKin' Mommas™️ podcast: CPA Exam SeriesOnderwijs, Zaken en persoonlijke financiën, Cursussen, Carrières 26 nov 2022

    I am Nikki Winston and I sat for exams 13 times - over the course of 1,373 days. I counted the days like I was doing a bid in prison. I took AUD, BEC and FAR 3 times each and REG 4 times. I purchased all or part of most of the CPA exam review courses out there and even after spending all of that money I still felt like there was something missing in my studying.

    Get Help With the CPA Exam

    I ended up filling in the voids myself. I’d read a 70-page chapter then be like ok, what did I just learn? I don’t think I got it so let me watch the videos to reinforce. Or let me do some practice questions to make sure. Went through that. Passed FAR the first time, failed audit because I was tired of studying and just winged the exam, went through so many motions of pass/fail/pass/fail/fail/lose credit and I was in this never-ending cycle.

    After that I knew something had to change. I took a couple days off to decompress and changed my study habits. I started getting creative with how I learned. I didn’t want to go back to the review courses that had me stressed out.

    I told myself that once I figured out what it took to beat the CPA exam I would share it with other candidates. Those candidates who:

    don’t have 40 or 50 hours a week to studyhave other obligations like working full-time, a family, other life events happeningare stressed out about the CPA exam and need more effective ways to study

    These premium episodes are here to inspire you to get motivated to take the CPA exam. Of course, we have to talk about exam strategies and study tips, plus what to expect after you pass the CPA exam.

    Join us in the CPA Candidate Community

    Take a break from those study materials and tap into the CPA Exam Series of The WERKin’ Mommas podcast. I’m here to support you, answer all of your CPA exam questions, and coach you through doing the work!


  • Technology TapOnderwijs, Technologie, Cursussen 3 jun

    This podcast will give you help you with passing your CompTIA exams. We also sprinkle different technology topics.

  • Rheumatology For The Royal CollegeGezondheid en fitness, Wetenschap 9 nov 2023

    Rheumatology reviews of key topics for your exams and clinical practice, whether you're exercising, grocery shopping, driving, or whatever else it is you choose to do unshackled from your desk.

  • ScholariumOnderwijs 5 jun

    A podcast about languages, exams, psychology, and technology.

  • English Weekly with 9.0 NinerOnderwijs, Taalonderwijs 25 jan

    We help people ace their English proficiency exams since 2007. IELTS, OET, PTE, TOEFL, CELPIP - we got it covered. Join our discussions on the struggles and triumphs of non-native English speakers in preparing for the exams. Discover and learn some tips for improving one's English skills and confidence. Do it the Niner way.

  • Think Like the TestOnderwijs, Stap voor stap 11 dec 2023

    Test-taking strategies for license exams in mental health care. Using sample questions from various tests and from Ben Caldwell Labs, learn about how to improve your speed and performance through simple test-taking skills.

  • sarkari naukari Nieuws, Dagelijks nieuws 17 aug 2023

    Monthly all imp ques for government exams from every field

  • Primary Cast Onderwijs, Gezondheid en fitness, Geneeskunde 24 apr

    Your unofficial study group for the ACEM Primary exams. Join myself (Charlotte) and some fabulous guests as we go through the core content from past Primary Viva exam papers. In each episode we tackle a particular topic from one of the four subjects - pharmacology, physiology, anatomy and pathology. It is done in a Q&A format to mimic what the exam is actually like. Summary notes from each episode available on the website at https://www.acemprimarypodcast.com/

  • The USMLE Guys PodcastOnderwijs, Wetenschap 18 mrt

    The USMLE Guys podcast is a tool to help you succeed on your USMLE exams, to help you navigate your way through medical school, & to help you get into your dream Residency program. Learn how we can help you beyond the Podcast by visiting our website USMLEGUYS.com

  • Strategist Podcasts Nieuws, Dagelijks nieuws 23 jan 2023

    To share strategy and Gist of materials related to competitive exams and other educational content

  • Insurance Exam Audio LessonsZaken en persoonlijke financiën, Carrières, Marketing 4 mrt 2023

    Insurance Exam Lessons to prepare you for the Uniform Insurance Exams

  • Physician Assistant in a FlashGezondheid en fitness, Geneeskunde 7 aug 2023

    The flashcard-style podcast to get you prepared for your clinical medicine exams, end of rotation exams, PACKRAT, PANCE, or PANRE. To view a list of all episodes, visit PAIAF.wordpress.com

  • The FI PodcastOnderwijs, Cursussen, Stap voor stap 28 mei

    Bringing the latest news and insights on study courses, exams, apprenticeships and much more from the accountancy industry.

    You can check out more First Intuition news here https://www.firstintuition.co.uk/fihub/

  • ASMR by GentleWhisperingGezondheid en fitness, Geestelijke gezondheid 7 jun

    Maria Gentlewhispering ALL PLAYLISTS ➡️ https://open.spotify.com/user/31oadyllbsrjpehgc SPA/Haircut/Makeup https://open.spotify.com/playlist/70RsOQMMX9BVraS9UdOaXk Doctor Exams https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4ya64raKmBrbEwQ382AwPtSounds and Visuals https://open.spotify.com/playlist/63pcVoMtfHsaQ3XaBYVOL7?si=DrV_8L1xSSGvph7D_U2i0AProfessions https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1flFDtvKD5P2AwIOvzPYrC?si=VHN_zwGMRYuiWOgbzlIDwQColor Analysis https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6LnQzSaaivdJBhCAymAbCq?si=wjNRYTDQRAawOIYtT Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/maria-gentlewhispering/support

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exaws amazon uk russian visionlabs russia (2024)


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