being black and pregnant (2024)

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    Are you a Christian mom who is pregnant and you feel out of control in your prenatal care -- like you have no voice and no say in how things go? Are you yearning to bring God back into your time of birth? Do you feel unsupported and alone in this early motherhood journey? Do you want to find your voice to bring you the kind of care you’ve been dreaming of having?

    IT IS POSSIBLE to reclaim your pregnancy and postpartum so you can have the peace and joy God intended you to have during this beautiful time of life. This show is going to be an answer to the prayer you’ve had in your heart to find a better way.

    Hey mama! I’m Lori Morris, a certified nurse-midwife and a mama of three babies born on my terms in the water outside of the hospital, naturally. I’ve got over 20 years of experience in this broken medicalized world of childbirth. I’ve attended hundreds of births as a nurse and later as a certified nurse-midwife in the hospital, in birth centers, and (my own) at home. I know how all sides of maternity care and I am here to help Christian moms navigate this road with joy, calm, and clarity.

    Inside this podcast, I will teach you:
    --> How to trust God with your pregnancy and birth
    -- > How to find and use your voice in your pregnancy care
    --> How to prepare for birth and rock it on your terms (homebirth, birth center birth, or hospital birth)
    -- > How to have a natural birth if that is what you choose
    --> How to thrive during postpartum and breastfeeding

    I can’t wait to help YOU break free from the grips of a broken medical system that has stripped the beauty and joy from what God made perfect. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the medical system, but we will work together to put it back in its proper place. You are more than a prenatal test result and your baby is more than a grapefruit on a pregnancy app! I give you permission to RELAX and ENJOY this time of life.

    So if you’re ready to break away from the conventional to discover God’s beautiful plan for this fleeting time of life, go fill up that water bottle or grab some decaf and get ready. I’m about to show you how to reclaim your prenatal period, your childbirth, and your postpartum time as you become a woman and mother truly made in the image of God. YOU CAN DO THIS! He made you for this and I’m going to help you get there.

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    Explore the depths of holistic well-being, weaving ancestral wisdom, herbalism, holistic modalities, and the power of food as medicine.
    Each episode is a tapestry of insights, stories, and practical wisdom, guiding you toward a life of balance and holistic healing.

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    Black Dog Institute is a global pioneer in the identification, prevention and treatment of mental illness and the promotion of well-being. Our unique approach incorporates clinical services with research, education and the voice of lived experience to reduce the incidence of mental illness and suicide, remove stigma and improve lives.

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being black and pregnant (2024)


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