Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels Begins 2024 Season with Mother’s Day Shootout at Atomic Speedway Saturday May (2024)

SOMERSET, KENTUCKY (May 6, 2024) – The Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels will begin its 2024 racing season with the Mother’s Day Shootout at Atomic Speedway in Waverly, OH on Saturday May 11. The Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels competitors will race for $5,000 to win and $500 to start in the Mother’s Day Shootout main event.

The Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels will be at Atomic Speedway on Saturday May 11 and will be in competition in a full program of Todd Steel Buildings “Building Speed” Hot Laps, E-Z-GO Time Trials, Heat Races, STAKT Products B-Mains, and the 40-lap, $5,000 to win/$500 to start Mother’s Day Shootout Valvoline A-Main feature event. Joining the Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels in action at Atomic Speedway for the Mother’s Day Shootout on Saturday May 11 will be the track’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Sport Mods, and IMCA RaceSaver 305 Sprint Cars.

Activities at Atomic Speedway on Saturday May 11 will see the pit area open at Noon, while the general admission area will open at 3:00 p.m. The driver’s meeting will be at 4:30 p.m., with practice and time trials set to get underway at 5:00 p.m., followed by green flag racing at 6:00 p.m. For tickets and pre-sale tickets, visit:

The Valvoline Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels will sanction the Super Late Model portion of the event and the tire rule will be as follows: Fronts: Hoosier NLMT 2 (LM20); Rears: Hoosier NLMT 2 (LM20), Hoosier NLMT 3 (LM30) (there is no limit on the number of tires used; the droop rule will be in effect, along with the standardized body rules of WoO/Lucas). The entry fee for the event is $50 and transponders for timing/scoring will be available for rent at the track. Any driver not making the 22-car starting field will receive $75 tow money.

Atomic Speedway is located at 2535 Blain Highway Waverly, OH 45690. The track is six miles south of Chillicothe off SR23, two miles out Blain Highway, halfway between Chillicothe and Waverly, OH. For more information about Atomic Speedway, please call (740) 703-9749 or visit the track’s webpage at

For more information on the Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels, phone series promoter Chris Tilley at (828) 361-5981 or by visiting the tour website at or by following American Late Model Iron-Man Series (@ironmandirt) on Twitter or by liking American Late Model Iron-Man Series on Facebook.

The Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels would like to thank and recognize the following sponsors and marketing partners for their support of the 2024 racing season: Valvoline, VP Racing Fuels, Brucebilt Performance Parts, Deatherage Racing Opticians, DIRTcar Racing,, Domination Race Cars, Earnhardt Technologies Group, E-Z-GO, FloRacing, Hoosier Racing Tire, Impact Race Gear, Jim and Nancy Viox, Keltner Contracting, Kentucky Clutch, KND Safety, MyRacePass, CNR Racing, Octane Custom Trailers, Racetrack Safety Initiative, SFP Performance Systems, STAKT Products, Swafford Signs, Todd Steel Buildings, Vic Hill Race Engines, XS Power Batteries, and Zerex by Valvoline.

Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels Mother’s Day Shootout Feature Purse (40 laps): 1. $5,000, 2. $2,500, 3. $2,000, 4. $1,600, 5. $1,400, 6. $1,200, 7. $1,000, 8. $800, 9. $700, 10. $600, 11. $500, 12. $500, 13. $500, 14. $500, 15. $500, 16. $500, 17. $500, 18. $500, 19. $500, 20. $500, 21. $500, 22. $500.

2024 Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels Events:
May 11-Atomic Speedway-Waverly, OH-$5,000 to win
May 24-Attica Raceway Park-Attica, OH-$5,000 to win
May 25-Oakshade Raceway-Wauseon, OH-$5,000 to win
May 26-Mudlick Valley Raceway-Wallingford, KY-$5,000 to win
June 1-Atomic Speedway-Waverly, OH-$5,000 to win
June 14-MRP Raceway Park-Williamsburg, OH-$5,000 to win
June 15-Mudlick Valley Raceway-Wallingford, KY-$7,500 to win
July 3-Merritt Speedway-Merritt, MI-$5,000 to win
July 4-Merritt Speedway-Merritt, MI-$5,000 to win
July 6-Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, IN-$5,000 to win
July 7-Tri-State Speedway-Haubstadt, IN-$5,000 to win
August 10-Wayne County Speedway-Orrville, OH-$5,000 to win
August 16-Tri-City Motor Speedway-Auburn, MI-$5,000 to win
August 17-Crystal Motor Speedway-Crystal, MI-$5,000 to win
August 24-Butler Motor Speedway-Butler, MI-$5,000 to win
August 30-Portsmouth Raceway Park-Portsmouth, OH-$7,500 to win
September 1-Eldora Speedway-Rossburg, OH-$5,000 to win
September 13-MRP Raceway Park-Williamsburg, OH-$5,000 to win
September 14-Lawrenceburg Speedway-Lawrenceburg, IN-$5,000 to win
September 21-Atomic Speedway-Waverly, OH-$5,000 to win

About Valvoline™
Valvoline Inc. (NYSE: VVV) is a leading worldwide marketer and supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, with sales in more than 140 countries. Established in 1866, the company’s heritage spans more than 150 years, during which time it has developed powerful brand recognition across multiple product and service channels. Valvoline ranks as the No. 3 passenger car motor oil brand in the DIY market by volume. It operates and franchises approximately 1,400 quick-lube locations, and it is the No. 2 chain by number of stores in the United States under the Valvoline Instant Oil ChangeSM brand and the No. 3 chain by number of stores in Canada under the Valvoline Great Canadian Oil Change brand. It also markets Valvoline lubricants and automotive chemicals, including the Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife technology motor oil for engines over 75,000 miles; Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic motor oil; Valvoline Premium Blue™ heavy-duty motor oil; Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid; and Zerex™ antifreeze. To learn more, visit

About VP Racing Fuels
From a single location with two employees in San Antonio, Texas, VP Racing Fuels has grown to over 300 employees with five company-owned and operated race fuel distribution points in Texas, Indiana, Delaware, and Tennessee, a regional office in southern California, and an international office in Berlin, Germany. Each of these distribution points maintains an inventory of VP Fuels available for immediate transport within a day’s drive to virtually any major racing event in North America. The result is that racers and sanctioning bodies can count on access to the availability of quality fuel. VP’s distribution network of over two thousand dealers around the world extends to Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. VP Racing Fuels is now recognized by many as the world leader in race fuel technology, with a catalog of more than 80 fuel blends and a growing roster of VP-fueled champions across the entire spectrum of motorsports. The passion and dedication of VP’s development team to staying on the leading edge of technology is legendary. Most of VP’s employees are or have been racers in one form or another and are driven by the competitive will to win. Together, the VP Racing Fuels team intends to solidify its position as the true World Leader in Race Fuel Technology for years to come.

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Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series Fueled by VP Racing Fuels Begins 2024 Season with Mother’s Day Shootout at Atomic Speedway Saturday May (2024)


What is the Iron Man late model series? ›

— The Valvoline American Late Model Iron-Man Series fueled by VP has released its 2024 schedule of events, which features 20 races. The tour will visit four states — Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. Drivers will compete for a series points fund, contingencies as well as DIRTcar Regional and National points.

What octane is VP Late Model Plus? ›

Late Model Plus is more effective than any fuel on the market at making more power while suppressing engine operating temperatures. Its motor octane (MON) is 113, the highest of any comparable competitive fuel.

What fuel do dirt late models use? ›

Sunoco is the Official Fuel of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and the title sponsor of one of the biggest dirt late model events of the year – the “Sunoco North/South 100 – Presented by Lucas Oil”.

Is Iron Man 4 a real thing? ›

Iron Man 4 never materialized, and while no official reason has been given, it was likely a combination of several factors.

What age is Iron Man best? ›

For all 20 races, the age of peak Ironman performance was 32.2 ± 1.5 years for men and 33.0 ± 1.6 years for women (p > 0.05). In Ironman Switzerland, there was no difference in the age of peak Ironman performance between genders for top ten women and men from 1995 to 2010 (F = 0.06, p = 0.8).

What octane is VP fuel? ›

One of the winningest fuels in racing history. VP Race Fuel Specifications: Color: Green. Motor Octane 108.

What octane is VP Racing? ›

With the highest motor octane of any 110 fuel on the market, VP110 offers more power and better detonation protection.

What octane level is premium gas? ›

Premium (the highest octane fuel–generally 91–94)

What engine do late models run? ›

Mostly all Late Models require crate motor's to be utilized by racecars under their sanction, which often utilize GM 602, 603, and 604 engines or Harrington Enforcer's. Vehicles raced on dirt tracks are significantly different from vehicles raced on asphalt.

How much HP do late models have? ›

There is a significant difference in horsepower for super late models and late model stock cars. According to Upchurch, a typical super late model engine creates approximately 630 horsepower. A late model stock car engine, on the other hand, generally makes around 510 horsepower.

What size engine does a late model have? ›

Maximum Engine displacement is 362 cubic inches.

Does Iron Man have a TV series? ›

Iron Man, also known as Iron Man: The Animated Series, is an American animated television series based on Marvel Comics' superhero, Iron Man.

What is the Iron Man series of events? ›

The IRONMAN Group operates a global portfolio of events that includes the IRONMAN® Triathlon Series, the IRONMAN® 70.3® Triathlon Series, 5150™ Triathlon Series, the Rock 'n' Roll® Running Series, IRONKIDS®, World Triathlon Championship Series, premier running events including the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon™ ...

Who is Iron Man modeled after? ›

Lee modeled Iron Man after businessman Howard Hughes, invoking his physical appearance, his image as a businessman, and his reputation as an arrogant playboy. Kirby and Heck then incorporated elements of the actor Errol Flynn's physical appearance in the design.

What is the top version of Iron Man? ›

1. Iron Hammer. The most powerful version of Iron Man, the Iron Hammer is set in the warped universe where Thor and Iron Man have merged to become Stark Odinson. The son of Howard Odin, Stark Odinson is banished to earth as Sigurd Stark for his arrogance.


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