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15 Things You're Not Sure Of About Car Key Button Repair
Car Key Button Repair

The buttons on car keys are subject to a lot of pressure particularly if they are used frequently. In time, they could become damaged.

There are a few simple fixes that will allow your keys back to working. These methods do not come completely safe however. Making changes to batteries or tampering with the key fob could be dangerous. If you're not comfortable with these methods, it is recommended that you consult with an expert auto-locksmith.

Change the Battery

It's possible to replace the battery in your key fob if it doesn't function as it should. You can purchase replacement batteries in any chain drugstore nationwide or in the parts department at your local dealership for cars. Some manufacturers will include a spare battery with your car when you buy it.

The first thing you'll have to do is determine what battery your key fob uses. The manufacturer may have this information on their website or you can look it up on the key fob's specifications. Generally, the most common battery that is used in key fobs is a button cell, similar to those used in remote controls and watches. These batteries are available at Walgreens, Energizer and other stores for less than $5 per pack of two.

You can take the old battery off your key fob once you know the type of battery it has. It is possible to open most key fobs by using your fingers or a flat tool, like a screwdriver at the seam or notch where they connect. Once the fob is opened, the battery will pop right out and you can then insert the new one in the same orientation as the old one. Many key fobs are powered by CR2032 batteries. These batteries are sold at retailers who sell AAA or AA batteries.

You can join the two halves together after inserting the new battery, and then test the key fob to make sure that all buttons work properly. You can verify that everything is working properly by pressing the lock and unlock button on the key fob while pointing it toward your vehicle. If your vehicle is not responding to the key fob, it may be required to reprogram the key fob to establish an internet connection between the two. This is a easy process that requires a phone or other device.

Reprogram your key fob

If your key fob won't work and you believe it's time to replace it It may not require the replacement of a battery, but instead the old one has to be reset. This procedure differs for every car. To learn the procedure go through the owner's manual. It's typically available in PDF format on the automaker's website. You can also search YouTube for videos.

In the majority of modern vehicles, a special procedure is required to put the vehicle in 'programming mode'. This usually involves pressing the power button a few times on the door of the driver or ignition, while simultaneously pressing a button on the fob within the time frame specified. This is how the fob transmits its digital identification code to the vehicle, and it stores it in its memory. The fob can function as normal keys once it is programmed.

It is important to remember that changing the programming of a key fob will erase any other key fobs which have been programmed previously. If you wish to keep the other fobs after the first, they should be programmed quickly and carefully.

Sometimes, you can find replacement batteries for key fobs for cars at hardware stores, major retailers, or even online. You must know your car's model and make prior to deciding to purchase a fob because it may be difficult to locate the right battery.

A CR editor stumbled across an battery for her key fob however, it came from an entirely different vehicle. This meant that, while she was able to start the car and open the doors, she was not in a position to lower the windows.

Fortunately, the dealer can help in this situation in this case, since they have the tools needed to reprogram a fob into specific cars. Dealers are required to perform this procedure on certain European automobiles like Audi and BMW because they come with specialized security features that can only be reset at the factory. Other dealers we spoke with such as those at Toyota and Lexus, were willing to try reprogramming a replacement fob as long as you knew the exact make and model of the vehicle you are driving.

Replace the Button

If you've tried changing the battery, or reprogramming your key fob and you're still unable to start your car, it might be time to replace the button on the key. Your car key button receives a lot of use and jolting over time and can sometimes get stuck or even broken. Each press of the button on your key fob generates a unique code in a sequence that is recognized by the receiver inside the vehicle. Trying to operate your vehicle from a distance and not using the correct code can cause it to not be able to recognize you and shut the doors or shut off the engine.

homesite can purchase replacement buttons online or at several local hardware stores. It is easy to install buttons and they are extremely simple to open.

Contact an Auto Locksmith

It may be time to speak with a professional if you are experiencing problems with your car's key switch. Auto locksmiths are experts in the repair of electronic keys and locks. They are equipped with the tools and know-how to diagnose and fix various issues with your key fob. This includes replacing batteries and changing the programming. They also have the knowledge and experience to handle more complicated jobs such as fixing a broken button or even cutting a new replacement key.

One of the main reasons for a car's key button to stop working is because the switch inside it has worn out. Excessive use and exposure to elements are the primary causes. The switch is made from an extremely hard plastic with many switches on its surface. Each of these switches activates the function for which you are using the key. As the switch ages over time, it becomes more difficult to turn on each of these functions. In the end, you'll need to push down harder on the switch in order to make it work. This can cause more damage to the switch, thereby reducing its life span.

Replace the battery in your key fob. Many models of car use lithium-ion coin or button batteries, which you can easily buy at supermarkets, pharmacies and home improvement stores. Your key fob will work once you have replaced the battery.

If the issue persists it could be because the contacts on your key fob are worn out. The contacts are made of rubber and coated with an electric conducting film, which could wear out over time. When you use the key, they are continuously exposed to moisture and dust. Eventually, they will become worn until they no longer make contact with the circuit board or the sensor beneath the keypad.

You can attempt to get the key fob replaced at an auto dealer, but this can be expensive and could take quite a while. The other option is to call a local locksmith for your car who can repair your key fob and save you money.

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