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Who's The World's Top Expert On Car Key Button Repair?
Car Key Button Repair

Car key buttons take many abuses particularly if they are used frequently. Over time, they can be damaged.

There are many quick fixes to get your keys working again. However, these methods have risks when it comes to changing batteries or tampering with the key fob. If you're not confident with these methods, it's recommended that you consult with an expert auto-locksmith.

Change the Battery

If you are noticing that your key fob is no longer working as it should, it could be time to replace the battery. You can buy replacement batteries in any national chain drugstore or at the parts department at your local car dealership. Some manufacturers even include a spare key fob battery inside the packaging when you purchase a car from them.

You will first need to find out the kind of battery is used in your key fob. This information is typically available on the website of the manufacturer or by examining the key fob. The most common type of battery found in keyfobs is the button cell like the ones found in watches and remotes. These kinds of batteries are commonly available at stores like Walgreens and Energizer and are available for under $5 for a pack of two.

Once you are aware of the type of battery your key fob is using, you can open it and remove the old battery. You can open most key fobs using your fingers or a flat tool like a screwdriver at the seam or notch where they join. Once the fob is opened, the battery will come out, and you can then insert the new one with the same orientation that the old one. A lot of key fobs are powered by CR2032 batteries. These batteries can be found at retailers that sell AAA or AA batteries.

After the new battery has been in place after which you can connect the two parts of the key fob together and check that all buttons are functioning properly. Pressing the lock and unlock buttons on the key fob while it is pointed at your vehicle will help determine whether or not everything is functioning exactly as it should. If your car is not responding to the key fob, it might be required to reprogram the key fob to establish an electronic connection between the two. This is a straightforward process that requires your phone or another device.

Reprogram the Key Fob

If you're having trouble with your key fob, and you think that it's time to get a new one It may not be required to replace it. Instead, the old battery may require reprogramming. This procedure varies for each vehicle so the best way to find out is to refer to the owner's manual (usually available in PDF format on the automaker's website) or search YouTube for videos explaining how to accomplish this.

Modern vehicles require a specific procedure to put the vehicle in "programming mode," which usually involves pressing the power button on the driver's side door or ignition multiple times while pressing the fob's button within a certain time frame. The fob transmits its unique digital identification code to the vehicle, and then stores it. The fob will work like normal keys once it is programmed.

Reprogramming a keyfob erases any previous keyfobs. Therefore, if you want to keep other fobs, they need to be carefully and quickly reprogrammed after the first one.

You can often find replacement batteries for your car key fob in hardware stores, big-box retailers or online. However, you must know the make and model of your car before purchasing a fob battery because the correct type of battery isn't always easy to locate.

A CR editor once came across a battery that fit the key fob she had however, it was for a different vehicle. This meant that she could start her car and unlock the door, but she couldn't lower the windows.

Dealers can be a great resource in this regard, since they have the equipment to reprogram the fob on specific vehicles. Certain European automobiles, like those manufactured by Audi and BMW, will usually require a dealer for this service because they use specific security features that can only be reset by the manufacturer. Some dealers, like those at Toyota and Lexus were willing to reprogram an alternative key fob provided you knew the exact model and year of your vehicle.

Replace the Button

If you've tried changing the battery and reprogramming the key fob but cannot start your car, it may be time to replace the button on the key. The key on your car receives a lot of use and jolting over time and can sometimes get stuck or damaged. Every time you press the button on your car key fob generates a unique code in a sequence that is recognized by the receiver inside the vehicle. If you attempt to operate your vehicle from a distance without using the proper code could cause it to not recognize you and lock the doors or shut off the engine.

You can buy replacement buttons online or at many local hardware stores. It is easy to install them and they are very simple to open.

Contact an Auto Locksmith

If you're having trouble with your car key button, it may be time to contact the experts. Auto locksmiths are experts in the repair of electronic keys and locks. These specialists have the tools and know-how to diagnose and fix various issues with your key fob. This includes replacing batteries and changing their programming. They also have the skills and experience to handle more complicated tasks, such as repairing damaged buttons or cutting a new replacement key.

The switch on the button for the car key is often worn out. This is caused by overuse and exposure to elements. The switch is made from a hard plastic and has many switches on its surface. Each of these switches is responsible for activating the specific function that you use the key for. As the switch age, it becomes more difficult to turn on these functions. In the end, you'll have to press down harder on the switch to enable it to function. This could cause further damage to the switch, thereby decreasing its life span.

Replace the battery in your key fob. A lot of models of cars use lithium-ion coin or button cell batteries that you can find in supermarkets, pharmacies and home improvement stores. After you've replaced the battery the key fob will work once more.

If the issue persists, it could be because your key fob's contacts have worn out. The contacts are made of rubber and are covered with an electrical conducting film that wears out. car keys repair are exposed to the elements when you use the key, so they're constantly being exposed to moisture and dirt. They'll eventually wear down to the point where they are unable to contact with the circuit board or sensor beneath the keypad.

You can try to get the key fob replaced at an auto dealer, but this could be expensive and could take quite a while. The other alternative is to contact an auto locksmith in your area who can fix your key fob and save you money.

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