All About Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's Daughter Sami Sheen (2024)

Sami Sheen may be the daughter of two stars, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, but she's carving out her own path in the world.

The 20-year-old was born on March 9, 2004. Her parents mainly kept her out of the public eye until Denise’s debut on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she shared a glimpse into her daughters’ lives as they were still teenagers navigating high school.

Sami made headlines in June 2022 when she launched an OnlyFans account. Denise publicly supported her daughter, writing on Instagram: "Sami I will always support you & always have your back. I love you."

However, her dad was not as eager to lend his support. Charlie told E! News he did “not condone” her choices but “since I'm unable to prevent it, I urged her to keep it classy, creative and not sacrifice her integrity."

Sami SheenSays She Hopes to Use OnlyFans to Show That 'All Bodies Are Beautiful'

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Despite her dad’s resistance, Sami has continued to post content on her account, celebrating the one-year anniversary of her presence on the adult subscription service in June 2023.

From her childhood out of the spotlight to her ups and downs with her famous parents, here's everything to know about Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen’s daughter Sami Sheen.

She was born in Los Angeles

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Denise and Charlie welcomed Sami on March 9, 2004, in Los Angeles, two years after the pair tied the knot. One year after Sami was born, Denise gave birth to her little sister, Lola Rose Sheen.

Sami grew up in L.A., bouncing between her parent's homes, and still lives in the city today.

Her parents divorced when she was a toddler

Denise and Charlie split in 2006, four years after Sami was born. The model has since said that she worried about how the divorce would affect her young daughters.

"I just feel like I f—- up a lot with their dad. I don't want them to look back at their childhood and remember [fighting]," Denise said during a season 9 episode of RHOBH. "My girls have been through a lot. How I chose to relate to the dysfunction that was going on with their father was to hide it from the kids."

In an interview with The Local Moms Network, Denise shared that she tried to hide her fights with Charlie from her daughters and avoided speaking negatively about him in front of them.

“Even during challenging times, I never wanted them to feel in the middle or think badly about their dad,” she said. “Parents have to come together, even if they don’t want to be in the same room, for their kids.”

The Wild Things star added, “Suck it up — because they didn’t ask to be born into a family that splits and shouldn’t have to deal with a parents at each other’s throats.”

She appeared on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Sami entered the public eye when her mother joined the cast of RHOBH in 2018. At the time, Sami was in high school, and Denise shed some light on how difficult it was to raise teenage girls.

In a clip from season 9 of the show, the Playboy model told Sami that if someone asked her to homecoming, she would have to turn them down, as she wasn’t allowed to date until she was 16.

"You guys are so freaking strict," Sami told her mom during the episode. "Now I want a boyfriend because you told me I can't have one."

She then proceeded to call her dad, who had a different opinion than Denise and said he trusted his daughter's judgment.

She's had a tumultuous relationship with her mom

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Sami has gone through ups and downs in her relationship with her mom. In September 2021, Sami, who was 17 at the time, posted a TikTok where she revealed she moved out of Denise’s home — calling it a “hell house” — and was now living with her father.

In a statement via his publicist Jeff Ballard, Charlie said of his daughter's decision, "Sam is amazing. I love her and all my children unconditionally. We're having a ball. GED here we come."

A source told PEOPLE that Denise set “normal rules that any parent would be setting,” but Sami didn’t want to abide by them.

Denise previously told PEOPLE that her daughters would likely call her a “strict parent.” On an episode of RHOBH, the actress revealed that she had cameras installed in her home to catch Sami if she snuck out or snuck boys in.

In February 2022, Denise spoke about her relationship with Sami on SiriusXM's Jeff Lewis Live podcast. "Honestly, I have a strained relationship with her," she admitted. "It's very difficult. I know we'll get back to where we were eventually but right now, it is strained."

According to a source, Sami has since moved out of Charlie's home and "has her own place."

"Denise helped her get set up and decorate everything and get settled in," the insider said. "They're really closer than ever now. Denise really wants to keep her girls close to her. She doesn't want to push them away."

She started an OnlyFans account in June 2022

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In June 2022, Sami posted a photo on Instagram in a black bikini, prompting her followers to “click the link in [her] bio.” The link led to her account on OnlyFans, where she started posting risqué content a few months after her 18th birthday.

Sami Sheen's 'Titillating' OnlyFans Is Meant to Stir Up 'Drama' with Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen: Source

Ahead of her one-year anniversary on the platform, Sami shared a behind-the-scenes “get ready with me” video on TikTok, where she talked about how she prepared for her workday while doing her makeup.

In the video, Sami referred to herself as a "sex worker" and discussed wanting breast enhancement surgery so that she could feel “fully confident” in her body.

A few days later, Sami responded to a commenter who called her "lazy" for only doing "content" on the platform instead of more explicit photos and videos. She clarified that she is not a "p— star," noting that although she would be uncomfortable filming sex for money, she supports others who choose to do so.

“I’ve been doing OF for almost a year now and I love my job,” she added. “There’s absolutely nothing that anyone could say to make me want to get a different job at the moment. I don’t know why people are so judgmental if I love it and it makes me happy and it’s boosted my confidence so much.”

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A source later told PEOPLE that her comment about being a "sex worker" was "causing a lot of drama" at home.

"Denise knows her daughter is not a sex worker. She's just saying outrageous things," the insider said. "She doesn't even show any skin on OnlyFans. Sami has 4,000 followers. So she's making $80,000 a month doing almost nothing and barely showing anything. She's just teasing the audience."

Since first expressing interest in breast augmentation, Sami has quit vaping (a medical requirement) and scheduled the surgery.

"I’m trying to talk her out of it because, and the reason why I’m getting [mine] out, is I didn’t know how toxic [they are] when I was 19,” Denise told Bustle. “And it’s not an easy surgery. It’s painful!”

Sami’s parents had different reactions to her OnlyFans career

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A week after Sami made her account, Denise doubled down on her comments supporting her daughter. She shared with her Instagram followers that while people have been critical of her, she admired Sami’s “confidence” and admitted she had no right to “be judgmental” when she had her own risqué past.

"Lots of negative comments on my social this past week. I have to say, I wish I had the confidence my 18 yr old daughter has. And I also can't be judgmental of her choices," Denise wrote in a statement. "I did Wild Things & Playboy, quite frankly her father shouldn't be either.”

"And to be able to ignore the negativity at her age? It took me many years & I still sometimes struggle. I'm in awe of her ability to be able to shut out the noise. Because it can destroy you," she continued.

Less than a week after making the post, Denise joined OnlyFans herself.

Sami Sheen Says Dad Charlie Sheen Still Doesn't Support Her OnlyFans Page, But Denise Richards Does

"In a way, it was a great way to throw cold water on the situation with her daughter and all that drama," a source told PEOPLE in June 2023.

"[Denise] doesn't do anything that risqué either, but she has 100,000 followers and makes $2 million a month doing it," the insider said. "Denise says she wants to support her daughter. She believes that when they turn 18, it's really hard to control what they do. You can only advise them. And Denise realizes she did Playboy herself — OnlyFans is just the modern version of that.”

The source also suspected that "this may be something that Sami is doing to bother her father."

Back in July 2022, Sami shared that her father had still not come around, but she was okay continuing without his approval.

"I'm super grateful I have a supportive mom on my side," she told TMZ. As to whether her dad started to support her, Sami said, "No, he hasn't — not too much. I don’t really mind. It’s totally fine."

She added that she wasn’t sure if he ever would, saying, “It’s kind of personal.”

She’s a fan of tattoos and music festivals

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Sami has posted numerous of her tattoos on Instagram, including a pair of wings she got on her back. She also has multiple tattoos on her arms, such as a rainbow, a disco ball and a bear holding a flower.

In her free time, Sami enjoys going to music festivals. She has posted from Coachella multiple times and, in May 2023, attended Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

All About Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's Daughter Sami Sheen (2024)


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